Troll [1.8-1.15]

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This troll plugin - which is based on that of a German server, but with even more features - is... mehr
Produktinformationen "Troll [1.8-1.15]"
This troll plugin - which is based on that of a German server, but with even more features - is perfect for having a fun time with your friends (however, maybe only for you). With the command /troll and the matching permission troll.use you'll receive the troll item which can be opened with a right click. Then you will be greeted by these features:​
  • Increase your knockback to push away other players even further
  • With the invisibility mode, you will stay hidden for ever
  • Change the GameMode of all players on the server
  • Kill all players at once
  • Give to every player good, as well as bad status effects 
  • Teleport all players to you
  • Receive special Items:
    • Thor's hammer makes lightning strike
    • Look out for the TNT rain 
    • However, nobody is safe from the Judgementday-Item!
  • Special settings:
    • Prevent the interaction with items
    • Switch off destroying of blocks
    • Prevent fall damage
    • Deactivate the block damage by entities, for example from creepers
    • Prevent the loss of hunger 
    • Toggle the chat
  • Give the players you trust the ability to use the troll menu

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